From a 4X4 to Earth moving Equipment, on pristine tar or sandy mine dunes. The Duo-AquaTrap™ Filtration system performs at maximum efficiency!!!

iCerMax™ Duo-AquaTrap™ filter is an onboard filter that offers, a unique“2 X 2” Ultra injector protection system, through the use of 4 different filtration methodologies that are combined into one filter.

Filters found in the Duo-AquaTrap™ system includes:

  • a Water Trap;
  • an On Board Spin-on filter, and;
  • a Depth Synthetic Filter.

The is ideal for African diesel contamination, thus showing why the filter is used by various OEM’s and African operating companies, due to it’s ability to remove suspended water and indicate fuel quality.

How it Works:

The Duo-AquaTrap™ operates in a four-stage system, where stage one is geared towards dirt particle filtration through a multi-pleated combined synthetic media. Stage two, also geared towards dirt particle filtration, incorporates the use of multi-layered depth media, which is dual supported for maximum collapse resistance. Stage three is aimed at water separation and achieves this through use of a permanent resin coated screen highly effective in the removal of suspended water. Stage four, too is aimed at water separation, uses a resin coated combination media that has been proven to have a 99.9% efficiency level.

The process culminates so as to separate both particle contamination as well as water, thus allowing for sustainable quality assurance of the fuel.

The device is a full transparent bowl that allows for fuel quality inspection with ease. The design of the unit allows for multiple mounting options, allowing for multiple flow directions as well as the availability of an adaptor to make the unit compatible with other dominant market devices.

The water drain tap is self-venting, whilst the unit is available in several installation configurations kits to suit all diesel engines from LDV, 4×4, forklifts, trucks to earth moving equipment.

The Ultimate Filtration System:

Therefore no matter the environment, the size of the filtration needed or the level of contamination, the Duo-AquaTrap™ is the all in one cost effective solutuion geared towards sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, which means greater protection of your assets!!!