Anti Siphon Devices

Diesel theft is a current problem globally.

– Fuel expences are uncontrolled if Fuel tanks are not protected.

– As the fuel price steadily increases from time to time, the rise in fuel theft and fraud poses a serious threat to organisations who own heavy duty vehicles as it affects operating profits.

– Edmestan Research indicates that if a business loses 75 litres per week, per truck to theft, that is 300 litres per month, at a cost of R3 990 p/m per truck. When extrapolated over multiple trucs, the losses are alarming. In a fleet of 100 trucks, it equated to R399 000 p/m, and close to R5 Million per year – and these estimates are conservative.

– Fuel theft has become a major problem in the industry and some factors which compliments this crime is the high unemloyment rate in South Africa. There is no short term or long term solution.

– Transport companies with poor fuel management practices is affected by ROI & Increased transport costs to customers which increases the risk or loss of business due to over-quoting as the running cost is higher than a company that manages it’s fuel properly.

Any fleet not using anti siphon devices run the risk of extreme fuel loss and associated costs. We provide a range of anti siphon units for virtually any truck.

We believe in our quality products which assists businesses in preventing diesel theft and cutting large fuel bills with specialized/customized products, quick installation turnaround time, wheel lock nuts, anti syphoning devices, fuel line pick-up covers (any make), return hoses protection, double tank link pipes, coded drain plugs, long range tank hoses protection, tag technology interface adapters, high pressure refueling (Wiggins) to name
a few.

We are proud to share the following:

  • OEM approved Anti Siphoning Device (ASD) units.
  • Easy fitment.
  • Withstands serious attack, strong and durable.
  • Product range for all makes of trucks, earth moving equipment, tractors and refrigerated trailers.
  • An easy fit pick-up protector protects the pick-up and return pipes on the fuel tank.
  • We have tamper proof tank drain plugs.

Our Strengths

Our products are guaranteed (12 months workmanship guarantee)

  • Anti-Syphoning Devices have sufficient flow rate (time saver for re-fuelling)
  • We use electro plating which makes our products resistant to the elements (rust)
  • Protecting Liquid Assets (the biggest expense in the industry)
  • We design and develop products with specific specifications as required by clients

Anti-siphon Units
● Stainless steel to withstand attacks.
● 1 year warranty
● Tested to 120 litres/min for high flow pumps
● Easy fit