Centrifugal Oil Filter

Why A Centrifugal Oil Filter?

Centrifugal Oil Filters remove very fine dirt from lubricants –  up to 1μ and below through the centrifugal force that is created in the centrifuge rotor. Conventional filters cannot remove such fine dirt from lubricants as the membrane determines the size of filtration. No consumables are used, hence no recurring costs. Collected dirt can easily be cleaned and the unit put back into use again. With clean oil the wear and tear are reduced and component life is improved. Oil need not to be replaced frequently, thereby saving substantially on oil expenses and consumables and thereby assisting to protect the environment.

Working Principle

Centrifugal Oil Filters work on the reaction turbine principle. Oil enters the centrifuge under pressure and escapes through tangentially opposed nozzles of the rotor, producing rotor speed up to 8000 RPM.  The resultant centrifugal force removes dirt from the oil, depositing it on the inner wall of the rotor in a dense cake form. The clean oil drains back to the oil tank due to gravity.

Improve Product Quality, Reduce Oil Expenses and Save the Environment

Save cost on Tools & Dies, Filter & Oil replacement

  • No Filter element
  • No Replacement Cost
  • Improved Product Finish
  • Reduced Oil Consumption
  • Extended Oil Change Period
  • Reduced Machine downtime
  • Reduced Storage & Disposal Cost of Waste Oil
  • Reduced Pollution and Environmental Impact

Centrifugal Filters

The range of centrifugal filters extends equipment and heavy bearing life.

Oil change intervals are extended and full flow element costs eliminated. The filter removes contaminant particles together with sub-micronic wear material which gives it a distinct advantage over conventional filters (0,8 micron).

Our Technical Service Department is on hand to assist with applications of unusual design problems.

Our filter’s Experimental Research Department is extending its knowledge daily and engineers are advised to ascertain the latest information with our company.

Centrifugal Filters are both designed and manufactured to strict standards and specifications in addition to this it is also economical priced and super efficient in performance which destines it to be of superb technical value.

Our Centrifugal Filters offer reduced operating costs and extended oil life in the following ways:

  • Reduced maintenance on equipment – sub-micronic filtration stops wear patterns in hydraulic and engine related operating fluids
  • In process cleaning
  • Ease of maintenance on lube systems
  • Designed for longevity with minimum ongoing costs
  • Spares availability guaranteed
  • No costly cartridges required

Suspended contaminant removed from lubricating oil inside centrifugal rotor

The filter adapts to virtually the whole liquid/oil spectrum and can therefore meet all liquid filtration needs.

It is capable of removing particles from 1mm diameter, and has a dirt holding capacity some 10 times that of a cartridge filter thereby considerably reducing downtime due to cleaning.

The largest centrifugal filter in our range has a dirt holding capacity of up to 30 kilograms. In addition to removing dirt, the filter can also remove bacteria from water contaminated oil.