Concept Filtration Welcomes you!!

At Concept, we provide various industries with the newest, most innovative product ranges.


Concept provides a broad range of filtration for every requirement. We supply the most efficient range of filtration systems from the most innovative manufacturers. We cover the following sectors: Truck Fleets, Plant Fleets, Generators, Bulk Diesel Filtration Systems, Bulk Diesel Tank Cleansing,  Industrial Water Filtration, Compressed Air Filtration, Dust Control and Extraction Systems, Hydraulic and Oil Filtration, Factory process filtration.

Diesel Anti-Theft Devices

In today’s world it is essential to prevent diesel theft form your vehicle, which constitutes the biggest single cost component to fleets. By installing anti-theft devices on your fleet significantly reduces the incidences of fuel theft.

Protective/Anti Corrosion Coatings 

Our peelable coatings are all water-based for the protection of a variety of surfaces. Protectapeel products are used across different applications in many industries. Our products protect against abrasion and scratch damage, corrosion, dirt and contamination build up during storage, transport and installation. With our superior quality strippable products, customer service, technical advice and expertise, all your requirements can be met.

Soil Stabilization

ROMIX Industries is a world leader in Polymer Technology for Road Construction. ROMIX was the first company in the world to produce a polymer-based soil stabilizer as a “Mix-In” solution. ROMIX products enable Governments and Industry to deliver much needed road infrastructure at great speed, and at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional road construction methods. The ROMIX range of polymer-based road construction products allow our customers to BUILD BETTER ROADS quickly, and more cost-effectively.

Vehicle Protection

We provide all sorts of vehicle protection for trucks, all made to exacting specifications by reputable suppliers.

Amongst our most popular items are our Marine grade stainless steel Bullbars, which are modular and easy to fit. They are available in varying models for specific makes and models of trucks.

We also supply a line of brushed aluminium and stainless steel Stoneguards, which feature precision welding and construction for various makes and models of trucks.

Another product we have recently introduced are stainless Steel Nudge Bars & Roof Bars.