Diesel, Fuel, Oil and Air Filtration

Concept Filtration with their latest Diesel filtration technology offers 100% sustainable and economical solutions, no bypassing, no filtration medium compromise ensuring the client has 100% peace of mind with OEM warranties, water and particulate cleanliness standards and operating costs.

We offer various diesel brands and various filtration combinations ensuring the client has the best possible solution and protection.

  • Bulk diesel Transfer filtration
  • Diesel dispensing filtration units
  • Portable Bulk diesel tank cleaning units
  • Onboard vehicle filters
  • Bag filter systems – phenomenal dirt holding capacity
  • Water removal systems – coalescent
  • Bulk tank breather systems

Concept Filtration offers the most economical, target achieving systems with minimal maintenance requirements, at the most economical cost.

Brands: Ultra fine Depth Filtration, Parker, Racor, Icermax