Diesel theft, the unofficial staff “bonus”!

Where there is diesel, there is theft! This is a common occurrence seen in many sectors of industry. Electronic monitoring and fuel records don’t stop the consistent daily theft of small batch thieves. The most effective proven method to reduce daily theft is to fit an effective anti-siphoning device. Most devices in the market place are totally ineffective, as they simply inhibit refueling or only add weight to the vehicle.

The iCustodian™ has three registered patents and is simply the most durable, effective device to combat daily diesel theft. Developed in large transport fleets, by observing local ingenuity of thieves, as well as realizing diesel theft through as little as a 4 mm single hole is sufficient to successfully siphon diesel out of a tank. The secret is double unaligned baffle plates, enhanced with an internal stainless steel mesh.

The result is still an excellent flow rates and a Real physical barrier for fuel protection. See video of physical crowbar attack on iCustodian™ . www.icermax.com We can’t stop fuel theft, BUT we can drastically reduce the unauthorized “bonus” taken by fuel thieves.

We have been protecting your fuel for over 10 years in various fleets and equipment!!