Filtration Systems

Concept provides a broad range of filtration for every requirement. We supply the most efficient range of filtration systems from the most innovative manufacturers. We cover the following sectors:

Truck Fleets: We carry a range of specialized onboard fuel, oil, air or bulk filtration.

  • Plant Fleets
  • Generators
  • Bulk Diesel Filtration Systems
  • Bulk Diesel Tank Cleansing
  • Industrial Water Filtration
  • Compressed Air Filtration
  • Dust Control and Extraction Systems

For any engine to function efficiently the lifeblood (Fuel) must be super clean. To do this, the best filtration systems must be employed to achieve the utmost fuel cleanliness. We focus on the filtration of fuel, air, engine and hydraulic oils, onboard and bulk, in all sectors of the transport industry together with static oil systems that are used in the mining and manufacturing industries.

Poor quality or contaminated diesel fuel contributes to more than 80% of fuel system related failures in ELECTRONIC UNIT INJECTOR engines and an even greater amount in HIGH PRESSURE COMMON RAIL systems.

The thought of extending engine oil life is something that many find difficult to contemplate due to the associated risks that may follow; however some that have successfully achieved ultra clean diesel, the benefits are enormous and cannot be ignored.

Simply expecting the engine fuel filter to do all of the work is no longer a viable solution

the engine fuel filter can perform its design function which is to “achieve a fuel cleanliness that will enable the fuel injection components to function reliably and within their designed operating parameters throughout the life of the component”.

 Diesel fuel is literally the lifeblood of an engine and it must be treated as such. Just as the medical profession utilizes specialist practitioners to treat special or difficult medical conditions, so too does diesel fuel contamination control require a specialist.

Achieving Ultra Clean Diesel Fuel is a relatively easy technological achievement however, if done incorrectly the consequences can be extremely costly. When done correctly however, the savings can be huge for each and every year they are employed.


The Concept Range:

 Racor | Donaldson | Fleetguard | Ultrafine Depth Filtration | Baldwin | Icermax | MP Filtri | Vokes | Hepa | Eton | Rexroth | Hydac | Pall | Mahle | Hypro | Vokes

Bulk Air Filtration

Our range includes: fibre glass and synthetic roll filter medias, primary disposable and washable panel pleat filters, SYN & FGH pocket filters with efficiencies ranging from 25% – 95%, compact cartridge filters, high efficiency particulate air filters and activated carbon filters.
fibre glass and synthetic filter

Air Filtration – Compressor Air Separators, Air And Oil Filters, Pre-Dry After Drier Airline Filters

A complete range of air/oil filters and oil separator units is available at competitive prices. We manufacture and renew the air/oil filters and oil separators to original specifications, thus offering significant cost saving to the end user. We stock air/oil filters and separators for all leading compressor brands
Air and oil filters

 Pocket Filters

progressively structured Viledon filter media and steel reinforced polyurethane header frame design makes Concept’s range of self supporting pocket filters ideal for heavy industrial and mining environments, for coarse, fine and micro-fine air filters, as pre-filters or final filters in various applications including air handling and air conditioning units, compressors, electric motors and electrical control rooms, spray baths, gas turbines, hospitals, power stations etc.

Pocket Filters

Filter Bags

All ranges manufactured to client specifications from high quality imported cloth for both wet and dry applications in needlefelts, polyester, acrylic, antistatic, stainless steel, nomex, ryton, P84, fluropor, coated fabrics as well as woven material. Fabrics are cut and sewn in house enabling us to manufacture quality goods economically to specific requirements, assuring speedy deliveries.

ABP filter bags

Hydraulic Filters

Concept Filtration cc manufacture and stock a wide range of hydraulic filters and elements and accessories.

These include spin-on type suction and return line filters, high pressure cartridges and housings, tank top units and suction strainers, transfer and off-line filtration units.

A comprehensive range of replacement filter elements are available to suit most leading brands. Manufacturing and renewing of filter elements, especially imported elements, allows a significant reduction in comparative costs.

All filter elements are manufactured to original specification. Furthermore, Concept Filtration cc offers a service of using ultrasonic cleaning to restore all dirty steel mesh elements, oil coolers and radiators.
Read more about our Products and Services on our Products Page.

Hydraulic Filters

Diesel, Fuel, Oil and Air Filtration

We focus on the filtration of fuel, air, engine and hydraulic oils in all sectors of the transport industry together with static oil systems that are used in the mining and manufacturing industries.

Water Filtration – Particle and Water Combination Filters

Adaptable and versatile modular systems that are tailored to address the needs of each individual client, offering water as well as particle filtration at multiple scales and multiple stages.

Eatons in-line Filter Housings range from cost effective ECOLINE and FLOWLIINE Housings, through to our SIDELINE and TOPLINE Housings, which meet the most demanding application requirements. The MAXLINE multi-bag Housings are used for applications which require very high flow rates and the POLYLINE Housings are used in applications that are extremely corrosive

Water Filtration – Particle and Water Combination Filters

Food and Beverage Filtration

Concept Filters supplies Food & Beverage filtration solutions. Our products include Absolute Filter Cartridges, Vent Filters, Breather Filters, APP – AbsoGuard, AquaFluor, BevClear, CSD Lenticular, GlassFlow, GUF Guard, HF Ultraguard, HPP – Polyflow, Duredunty, PFSA2 Multiploy, PSSF, SteriPS and TefloGas filter cartridges and fine particle removal.

AbsoGuard food filter

Air Filtration

Concept products supplies quality Air Filtration Products for Air Filtration Systems and is considered one of the leading suppliers of high capacity HEPA filters, Multifil Compact Cassette Filters, Multi-As Cassette Filters, Air Filter Media, Pocket Air Filters, Washable Pleated Panel Filters and Paint & Air Duct Media in South Africa and Africa. Air filtration refers to all applications in which contamitants are removed from an air flow.


iSo-SpecSure™ proprietary patented advanced particle filtration mediums, setting standards on sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, in harsh high levels of contamination, at affordable cost per litre filtration.

iAquaMax™ revolutionary patented permanent sustainable removal of suspended water in diesel, the number one cause of modern injector failure. After vigorous research developed an effective and innovative sustainable water separation solution.

The device is almost entirely constructed out of “GRP,” whilst the design incorporates a full transparent bowl that allows for fuel quality inspection with easy. The design of the unit allows for multiple mounting options, allowing for multiple flow directions as well as the availability of an adaptor to make the unit compatible with other dominant market devices.

The units are compact, with cartridge changes being made simple, thus allowing it to be multi-functional as well as cost effective. The water drain tap is self-venting, whilst the unit is available in several configurations to suit all diesel engines. from LDV, 4×4, forklifts, trucks and earth moving equipment.

The spin-on technology incorporated in the device is reusable making it environmentally friendly as well as maintenance being seen in cartridge replacement only, hence reducing environmental waste even more.

The Duo-AquaTrapTM operates in a four-stage system, where stage one is geared towards dirt particle filtration through a multi pleated combined synthetic media. Stage two, also geared towards dirt particle filtration, incorporates the use of multi-layered depth media, which is dual supported for maximum collapse resistance. Stage three is aimed at water separation and achieves this through use of a permanent resin coated screen highly effective in the removal of suspended water. Stage four, too is aimed at water separation, uses a resin coated combination media that has been proven to have a 99.9% efficiency level.

The process culminates so as to separate both particle contamination as well as water, thus allowing for sustainable quality assurance of the fuel.

Duo-AquaTrapTM – Double Water x2 – Double Particle x2 = ultra-injector protection

3 Filters in one:

  • Water Trap
  • Spin-on filter
  • Depth media
  • Conceptualised ,designed and manufactured in Africa for African conditions
  • High dirt holding capacity for extreme sub-micron efficiency
  • Separates and removes water successfully – even in Low Sulphur Diesel
  • Dual Stage water separation
  • Permanent resin coated stainless steel screen
  • Market leading resin coated combination media, proven to 99.9 % water removal efficiency
  • Full transparent bowl for fuel quality inspection
  • Red floating ball to indicate presence of water in plastic bowl
  • Compact with ease of cartridge change
  • Self venting water drain tap
  • Ideally designed for suction side applications however will accommodate pressure applications up to 3 BAR
  • Dual supported for maximum collapse resistance
  • Available in configurations to suit all diesel engines from LDV, 4×4, forklifts, trucks and earth moving equipment