Bulk Air Filtration / Dust Control Filtration

Concept Filtration offers a complete turnkey solution for all bulk air filtration ,and dust collection requirements. We manufacture and design units as per client requirements. We offer our services to all industries, including  the Spray painting, cement, tobacco, rock, glass, wood working, powder bag processes to name but a few. We do cartridge, bag, ceramic multitube systems, High efficiency dust removal, self-cleaning industrial units. We offer servicing and maintenance on all positive pressure and negative pressure units, reverse pulse units ,etc.

We manufacture, supply and import all dust cartridges, bags utilized in the collection of dust particles.

Bulk Air Filtration

Our range includes: fibre glass and synthetic roll filter medias, primary disposable and washable panel pleat filters, SYN & FGH pocket filters with efficiencies ranging from 25% – 95%, compact cartridge filters, high efficiency particulate air filters and activated carbon filters.
fibre glass and synthetic filter

Air Filtration

Concept products supplies quality Air Filtration Products for Air Filtration Systems and is considered one of the leading suppliers of high capacity HEPA filters, Multifil Compact Cassette Filters, Multi-As Cassette Filters, Air Filter Media, Pocket Air Filters, Washable Pleated Panel Filters and Paint & Air Duct Media in South Africa and Africa. Air filtration refers to all applications in which contamitants are removed from an air flow.


 Pocket Filters

progressively structured Viledon filter media and steel reinforced polyurethane header frame design makes Concept’s range of self supporting pocket filters ideal for heavy industrial and mining environments, for coarse, fine and micro-fine air filters, as pre-filters or final filters in various applications including air handling and air conditioning units, compressors, electric motors and electrical control rooms, spray baths, gas turbines, hospitals, power stations etc.

Pocket Filters

Filter Bags

All ranges manufactured to client specifications from high quality imported cloth for both wet and dry applications in needlefelts, polyester, acrylic, antistatic, stainless steel, nomex, ryton, P84, fluropor, coated fabrics as well as woven material. Fabrics are cut and sewn in house enabling us to manufacture quality goods economically to specific requirements, assuring speedy deliveries.

ABP filter bags

Bulk Dust Extractor Unit

Cement plant fuel ash filter professional cartridge pulse dust collector

Bulk Dust Collection Units