Forecourt Service station: that protects your cars diesel injectors; don’t you wish you had this option at your diesel service station?

iCerMax™ just installed a first in SA!!! We installed a complete functional filtration system on commercial public service station pumps. The system especially addresses water in suspension, on a sustainable basis, with our iAquaMax™ filtration.

This is a real problem especially at coastal garages and the number one single cause of injector failure on common rail engines. Every litre of diesel fuel you purchase is literally filtered before your eyes as it is dispensed and the quality is assured. Dispensed diesel quality is not dependant on the bulk tank cleanliness levels and associated complications; the current system relies only on a pump spin-on strainer filter that removes large particles “bricks” only and have no water removal abilities, far inferior to the system offered by iCerMax™.

This system will ensure that all customers purchase “clean” filtered diesel free of suspended water, as well as within the commercial particle cleanliness levels of SANS 342:2014 at no extra cost. The fuel retailer will have surety on the quality of his product dispensed. “A win –win for all.”