High volume, multi stage filtration system on a coal mine: delivering sustainable iSo-cleanliness levels

Easy to install, module based and a multi stage filtration system that addresses contamination in diesel on an affordable, as well as reliable methodolgy that is easy to maintain and allows for long service intervals. The above mine has since installation, lowered their breakdowns and more importantly OEM related failure /warranty claims, as the mine has sustainable diesel iSo-levels that it can prove and/or substantiate, when reporting OEM failures.

Suspended water is addressed by iAquaMax™ and particles contamination by iSo-SpecSure™ resulting in superior sustainable cleanliness levels.

The iCerMax™ see through water trap acts as a “permanent police man“ which indicates the presence of undesirable substances and allows for constant visual inspection of the diesel quality being delivered by the fuel supplier.

Bulk filtration – iAquaMax™ & iSo-SpecSure™

Replaced “World leading expensive “brand on South 32 /BHP Billiton Sites –iAquaMax™

Telkom official kidney gensec tender and installed on key sites- Rosebank

Sasol usage in the Refinery-iAquaMax™

Inbound and outbound filtration for oil companies depots.

Delivering iSo-15 levels on Northern Cape diamond mines on a basic filtration system

Anglo bulk site on a coal mine delivering iSo-15>, sustainably at the lowest cost per litre!

Various mining, contractors, transport, farming sites – all over the African continent