Hydraulic Filters / Industrial Filtration

Concept Filtration, founded in 1995, offers the service of importing and supply of new hydraulic filter elements and housings, and refurbishment of hydraulic filter elements as well as supply of  hydraulic housings and gauges. Concept Filtration imports all international brands from ISO accredited manufacturers.  

Concept Filtration has a local manufacturing plant ,where cost viable filters are manufactured to specification. We offer the service of filter element refurbishment where filter elements are no longer easily available.

Concept Filtration , with the importing program offers clients a extremely cost effective maintenance solution , in comparison to our competitors. Concept Filtration specializes in the importing, marketing of new hydraulic elements and housings, accessories and refurbishment of Hydraulic elements.   

Brands we import or market are Pall, Hydac, Mahle, Filtrec, Internorman, MP.Filtri ,Stauff, Tasei Kogyo, Argo, Vickers, Hy Pro, Eppensteiner, Parker, Leemni, Rexroth, Peco Facet, Facet, Faudi, Velcon, Peco, Donaldson and Fleetguard.

Hydraulic Filters

Concept Filtration cc manufacture and stock a wide range of hydraulic filters and elements and accessories.

These include spin-on type suction and return line filters, high pressure cartridges and housings, tank top units and suction strainers, transfer and off-line filtration units.

A comprehensive range of replacement filter elements are available to suit most leading brands. Manufacturing and renewing of filter elements, especially imported elements, allows a significant reduction in comparative costs.

All filter elements are manufactured to original specification. Furthermore, Concept Filtration cc offers a service of using ultrasonic cleaning to restore all dirty steel mesh elements, oil coolers and radiators.
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Food and Beverage Filtration

Concept Filters supplies Food & Beverage filtration solutions. Our products include Absolute Filter Cartridges, Vent Filters, Breather Filters, APP – AbsoGuard, AquaFluor, BevClear, CSD Lenticular, GlassFlow, GUF Guard, HF Ultraguard, HPP – Polyflow, Duredunty, PFSA2 Multiploy, PSSF, SteriPS and TefloGas filter cartridges and fine particle removal.

Air Filtration – Compressor Air Separators, Air And Oil Filters, Pre-Dry After Drier Airline Filters

A complete range of air/oil filters and oil separator units is available at competitive prices. We manufacture and renew the air/oil filters and oil separators to original specifications, thus offering significant cost saving to the end user. We stock air/oil filters and separators for all leading compressor brands