Ineffective bulk filtration, equates to no filtration at all! Save time, money and effort by installing the best!

The visible particle dirt in this Duo-AquaTrap™ seen through the inspection bowl indicates that the fuel used is badly contaminated, HOWEVER, the client was under the impression that his previous spin on bulk tank filters worked and provided clean fuel. As demonstrated by the visible dirt in the inspection bowl, the lack of efficient bulk filtration is placing pressure on the on-board filters, which with time is roulette to costly injector failures and production losses!

Duo- AquaTrap™ is an ideal way to monitor the quality of fuel, which is consumed on equipment, as well as being an indicator of:

  1. Suspended and Free water in fuel (the filter is highly effective at removing water from fuel)
  2. Any visible contamination (Millions of small invisible particles make up <10 micron, which equates to liquid sandpaper not the visible ” bricks” read
  3. Visual inspection of diesel for following:
  4. Water: clearly visible at the bottom of the bowl
  5. Colour of the Fuel: so as to inspect for added substances
  6. Large visible particles indicates the presence of millions invisible dirt particles (8 micron and smaller are particles, which are invisible to the naked eye and this is what culminates to make the liquid sand paper, with the detrimental wear to injectors)

iSo-SpecSure™ – iCerMax™ proprietary patented advanced particle filtration mediums, setting standards on sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, in harsh high levels of contamination, at affordable cost per litre filtration.

iAquaMax™ – iCerMax™ revolutionary patented permanent sustainable removal of suspended water in diesel, the number one cause of modern injector failure. After vigorous research iCerMax™ developed an effective and innovative sustainable water separation solution.

Duo-AquaTrap™ – iCerMax™ On-Board filter: 3 in one filtration system that addresses both particle as well as water filtration. The device comes designed with transparent bowls so as to allow for observation of the filtration process as multiple stages