iSo-SpecSure™ – the versatile, cost effective, Diesel Filtration solution. “A True Superior Particle Filtration first.”

Cross cut of iSo-SpecSure™ multimedia, multi layered, multi support filtration media, demonstrating superior, sustainable cleanliness levels & holding capacity.

iSo-SpecSure™ is a market leader in particle filtration in diesel fuels, whilst obtaining sustainable iSo-Cleanliness levels in harsh as well as highly contaminated environments and enabling accurate monitoring of the filtration medium’s efficiency are among some of the factors that sets the iSo-SpecSure™ apart in the market. iSo-SpecSure™ Diesel Particle Filter is advanced in that it addresses the various fundamentals of superior filtration, by utilizing superior components:

Multiple combinations of various different micron rated filtration mediums – depth Synthetic polyesters, advanced multi pleated papers and multi layers of depth synthetics.

  • Multiple Layers of each filtration medium ensuring reliable complex structures of Depth filtration
  • Multiple internal support structures
  • Three cartridge options in iCerMax™ to ensure iSo-levels are obtained and maintained – target iSo levels 12/9/6 The factors combine to give an output of sustainable cleanliness levels, whilst ensuring structural integrity of the filtration medium and attaining a heightened dirt holding capacity. The impact on flow resistance is negligible and the unit operates at differential pressure levels, whilst remaining a viable cost effective option as it uses changeable cartridges, which are the extent of the maintenance required. Due to the heightened capacity of the unit it allows for the prolonged extension of the maintenance intervals, which too boosts the environmentally friendly aspect of the system as well the cost effectiveness.

iSo-SpeSure™ iCerMax™ proprietary patented advanced particle filtration mediums, setting standards on sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, in harsh high levels of contamination, at affordable cost per litre filtration.

iAquaMax™- iCerMax™ revolutionary patented permanent sustainable removal of suspended water in diesel, the number one cause of modern injector failure. After vigorous research iCerMax™ developed an effective and innovative sustainable water separation solution

Duo-AquaTrap™ – iCerMax™ On-Board filter: 3 in one filtration system that addresses both particle as well as water filtration. The device comes designed with transparent bowls so as to allow for observation of the filtration process as multiple stages.