Saving Kingsley Beverages from major production losses and injector failures on a critical fleet of forklifts, that occurred on ONE bad fuel delivery!

Kingsley Beverages in Malvern, had a delivery of disasterously contaminated fuel mostly laced with water, from their long time fuel supplier.

This could have resulted is a complete production disaster on the production line, as forklifts are crucial in ensuring the inbound and outbound logistics on the running production line.

Fortunately the entire fleet of 19 Forklifts were fitted with Duo-Aqua-Trap™ filters.

iCerMax™ saved the day, allowing the insipid fuel to have minimal impact on production, however, had a normal OEM filter been fitted, it would simply have not been able to handle the pure volume of free and suspended water. With the sensitivity of common rail injector systems, paticularly to water in suspension, this would have undoubtedly had a disastrous result in production losses and major repair bills on equipment with the added costs of hire/replacement charges for stand in forklifts.

In the photo Jakes is pumping the diesel from the tank of a Kingsley bakkie that was unfortunately also filled with this delivery of fuel. He is using an iCerMax™ Duo-AquaTrap™ as a funnel to separate the water from the diesel, being pump from the tank so as to demonstrate the harsh fuel quality that allowed the bakkie to only drive 1,8 km after being filled before the OEM filters failed, resulting in a costly breakdown. The bakkie is now also fitted with a Duo-AquaTrap™ so as to save all the unnecasry expenses, which simply could have been avoided.

With an ineffective filter system being used on the bulk tank, during this fiasco, Kingsley Beverages have now installed iCerMax™ bulk filtration filters on their bulk tanks. iAquaMax™ is fitted with our iCerMax™ “trademark” visual inspection glass, to monitor the quality of all fuel deliveries and instantly indicate the presence of water or dubious fuels delivered – the ideal police man on any batch of fuel delivered.

Don’t take the risk and compromise your costly equipment’s lifespan, choose the filtration option that wont let you down, no matter the crisis – iCerMax™

iSo-SpecSure™ – iCerMax™ proprietary patented advanced particle filtration mediums, setting standards on sustainable fuel cleanliness levels, in harsh high levels of contamination, at affordable cost per litre filtration.

iAquaMax™ – iCerMax™ Patented revolutionary patented permanent sustainable removal of suspended water in diesel, the number one cause of modern injector failure. After vigorous research iCerMax™ developed an effective and innovative sustainable water separation solution.

Duo-AquaTrap™ – iCerMax™ Patented On-Board filter: 3 in one filtration system that addresses both particles as well as water filtration. The device comes designed with transparent bowls so as to allow for observation of the filtration process as multiple stages.

iCustodian™ -iCerMax™ patented physical fuel theft protection devices with – unaligned baffle plating, protective mesh, high flow rates ,snap off bolts, high quality materials, and complete range to fit any equipment . See crowbar attack on website.