Self Sealing Tyre Products

Self SEAL Self Sealing Tyre:

  • Safety First
  • Puncture proof any tubeless tyres
  • Tyre maintenance
  • 24 hour support
  • Combat “puncture hijackers”

Self SEAL is a Propylene Glycol water soluble tyre sealant which when installed in a tyre will give full protection against air loss for the entire legal life of a tyre and will eradicate the following:

Self SEAL has a revolutionary water based formula that enables the product to remain fluid at all times, thus enabling the product to immediately seal a puncture wound made by a puncturing object from within. Up to 6mm diameter in a car tyre and a puncture wound made by puncturing object of up to 12mm in a commercial vehicle tyre (in the tread area of the tyre), without loss of air pressure.

As a result Self SEAL gives the advantage of longer tyre life together with lower downtime and maintenance costs.

Self SEAL is designed to keep the recycled rubber tyre particles in constant suspension.

Some Benefits of Self SEAL

Extends tyre life
Improves fuel millage and saves you money
Eliminates Under-inflation
Eliminates slow leaks
Protects against tread separation
Cuts down need to constantly check tyres
Maintains the Right Air Pressure
Improves safety and economy


Check at a glance that your tyres are correctly inflated with Valve-Check!

Drive with confidence knowing that your tyres are safe
Quickly spot a slow puncture
Anti-theft lock nuts included
Save approx. 5% on fuel and 10-15% on tyre wear with correctly inflated tyres
Special introductory price: R 200.00 (postage not included)

Spare Check

Spare-Check is a product that every car SHOULD have!


 Truck Valves

With information supplied by Dunlop Tyres as follows:

  1. New tyre cost approx.  R 3500 excl. vat
  2. Retread cost approx. R 800 excl. vat
  3. Mileage on highway on a drive axle wheel approx. 200,000 kms
  4. Mileage on highway steering axle wheel approx.  120,000 kms.
  5. Tyres run at 10-15% under inflated will get 10% less mileage
  6. Fuel usage approx. 2 kms per litre therefore 50 litres per 100 kms
  7. Tyres under inflated by 10-15% will use approx. 4% more fuel.


If a truck travels 15000 kms per month on highway conditions.

Assume the current diesel price of R 12.48 ( 5% sulphur) per litre.

15000 / 50 litres per 100 kms will use 7,500 litre per month

7,500 litre at R 12.45 per litre( October 2013 price) = R 93,375 per month

If tyres are run at 10-15% under-inflated, 4% more fuel would be used being,

4% of R 93,375 = R 3,735 X 12 =R 44,820 per year per vehicle

If your fleet consists of 140 vehicles andeach vehicle uses R 44,820 per year more fuel than they should.

Your company is losing R 6,274,800a yearon excess fuel usage.

Example of saving due to Truck Valves

 If a truck travels 15000 kms per month on highway conditions it will travel approx. 180,000 kms per year.

Assume that tyres are under inflated by 10-15% then 10-15% less mileage before replacement.                       New tyres at R 3500 ea. X 26 wheels = R 91,000 x 140 vehicle = R 12,740,000 per year on tyres.

10% of R 12, 740, 000 = R 1,274,000 saving on tyres.


The basic benefits of fitting our Valve –Check to each wheel on every vehicle in your fleet is the following:

  • Save on your fuel bill
  • Save on your tyre bill by even wear through correct inflation.
  • Save time in checking each wheel with a tyre gauge.
  • Shorten long distance trips, with shorter stops to check the tyres.
  • Enjoy a more profitable trading year.

We can supply caps with different tyre pressures to suit your fleets’ needs.

Our retail price on these units is R 69.95 ex vat each. On a quantity order to fit your fleet we would reduce our price by negotiation.

As you mentioned your fleet has 2200 wheels x R 69. 95 = R 153,890.00 ex. vat to fit the entire fleet.

This is almost the cost of fitting only 1 truck with a set of new tyres. It’ an absolute must fit.

Replacement Cost of Valve-Check due to theft.

2200 wheels x R 69.95   = R 153,890.00 ex. Vat.

Assume yearly loss

  • 10% = R 15,389.00
  • 20% = R 30,778.00
  • 30% = R 46,167.00

Loss of these components is NOT a fault of the product, and would indicate that either a driver incentive plan be implemented, or security could be enhanced. Prices are subject to change without notice.


SEAL is a Propylene Glycol water soluble tyre coolant with sealant properties. When installed in a tyre it will also give full protection against air loss for the entire legal life of the tyre.

SEAL will combat tread punctures, bead leaks, rim leaks, porosity leaks and keep tyres cooler, resulting in longer tyre life and additional fuel savings.

Seven liquids are used in the manufacturing process, ensuring SEAL to remain liquid during short or long distances, even with long intervals inbetween.

Recycled tyres are used as part of the SEAL recipe, thus contributing to a greener environment. The rubber particles penetrate the wound when there is a leak or puncture, thereby sealing the leak.

SEAL will remain in a viscous state for the legal life of the tyre, it coats and clings to the inner tread even if not driven for long periods.

SEAL is a water-soluble, which can be washed or rinsed out of the tyre if so required, without leaving any residue.

SEAL is also non-flammable, non-toxic, and not a hydrocarbon.

Ingredient: Wt% Cas No.
Propylene Glycol 5-30% 57-55-6
Sodium Nitrate 1-10% 7632-00-00
Sodium Metasilicate 1-10% 6834-92-0
Latex – Confidential – N/A
Rust Inhibitors – Confidential – N/A
Modified Starch – Confidential – N/A
Preservatives – Confidential – N/A
Non-Hazardous Dyes – Confidential – N/A
Water to 100%

Latex Natural and derived from rubber trees.
Rust Inhibitors – Very small percentage used to prevent trees Modified Starch – Various natural thickeners such as cold water for swelling Modified Starch is used.  These thickeners is the same as the ones used in food processing, and are therefore regarded as harmless. Preservatives – Same also used in pharmaceuticals. Colourants – Product comes in natural state, however natural coularants can be used on clients request.

Seal the product
Seal is a propylene glycol water soluble tyre sealant and coolant, which prevent punctures of up to 12mm, and protect tyres from damage due to heat build-up. Seal being guaranteed for the legal life of the tyre, and being manufactured from environment friendly products, makes     it the preferred tyre sealant on the market.


Standard tyres

Seal protect tyres from the common flat with puncture wounds up to 6mm. The glycol in Seal cools the tyre, and Seal prevent under inflated tyres by addressing porosity leaks. The result is less resistance and heat build-up, ensuring less wear on the tyres, less power required to drive tyres and a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Speciality tyres

Recreational and speciality tyres such as quad, 4×4, rally, drag racing, and many others are protected from common punctures, minimising standing time and difficult field repairs.

Commercial tyres

Seal protect larger commercial and industrial tyres from tyre wounds up to 12mm. Such protection generally result in less downtime, less stock loss due to cargo theft, and large cost cuts in vehicle maintenance.

Seal properties

SEAL – White gel (natural colour) with rubber particles.


Samples of SEAL is taken from every batch after manufacturing and stored for future examination. Samples in this  picture was taken from batches mixed over the past 24 months. There is no separation even after two years of  storage.