Silent “killer” of common rail injector

Water, especially suspended water in diesel, is the single biggest direct cause of common rail injector failure.

iCerMax™ removed over 700ltr of water from diesel on a compromised 23000ltr tank at Imperial –Alrode after the rains, and the iAquaMax™ filter was still fully functional! The see through water trap, acts as a “permanent police man,“ which indicates the presence of undesirable substances and allows for constant visual inspection of the diesel quality.

iAquaMax™ removes suspended water sustainably, as the filter media is not effected, nor damaged by even 100 % water conditions. Competitors Paper mediums have limited effective coalescing life cycles as well as limited absorption media and low holding capacity, which becomes a flow restriction.

iAquaMax™ systems are suitable for bulk tanks and Duo-AquaTrap™ are best used on mobile equipment.