Concept Filtration supplies a complete range of:

* Filtration and all filters
* Anti-siphoning devices for construction, transport, industrial and mining sectors

Leading Filtration Solution Provider

Concept Filtration, celebrating 27 years of business and a leading filtration solution provider, provides a broad range of filtration technology systems and consumables for every requirement. We supply the most efficient range of filtration systems from the most innovative manufacturers. We pride ourselves in quality and providing effective and efficient filtration solutions from design and manufacturing to economical considerations.

We provide a broad range of filtration covering the following sectors: Plant process filtration, generator diesel fuel filtration, bulk diesel tank filtration systems, hydraulic oils, bulk diesel tank cleaning, industrial water filtration , dust control extraction systems and compressor separator, oil and air filter filtration.

Furthermore we focus on filtration of compressed air before and after air driers, before and after receiver tanks as well as at the machine consumption point. We also supply activated carbon filters to remove compressor oil and odors from the compressed air( food grade requirements), Onboard, mobile and bulk fuel tanks, in all sectors of the manufacturing, Injection molding, Plastics, Dust and ventilation control, Food and Beverages, transport, construction, tobacco, process  and mining industries.   

In addition, we assist businesses in preventing diesel theft and cutting large fuel bills with specialized/customized products, quick installation turnaround time, wheel lock nuts, anti-syphoning devices, fuel line pick-up covers (any make), return hoses protection (sender units), double tank link pipes, coded drain plugs, long range tank hoses protection, tag technology interface adapters, high pressure refuelling (Wiggins) to name a few.


Diesel Bulk
Tank Filtration

Sans 342 recommends that fuel leaving the refinery should meet an ISO 4406 cleanliness code of 18/16/13 however this fuel is contaminated through the supply chain and normally will be 4 to 8 times dirtier than this.



We supply a wide range of filters, from dust bag filters to air filters. Click here to read more about our filter range.


Anti Siphoning

Preventing diesel theft and cutting large fuel bills with specialized/customized products, quick installation and quick turnaround time. 


UDF & Racor

Ultrafine Depth Filtration (UDF) focuses on the filtration of fuel, air, engine and hydraulic oils in all sectors of the transport industry together with static oil systems that are used in the mining and manufacturing industries

We supply the most efficient range of filtration systems from the most innovative manufacturers. 

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