Protective / Anti Corrosion Coatings

A protective coating is a layer of material applied to the surface of another material with the intent of inhibiting or preventing corrosion. A protective coating may be metallic or non-metallic. Protective coatings are applied using a variety of methods, and can be used for many other purposes besides corrosion prevention.

A protective coating can be painted on, sprayed on, plated on or even welded onto a material.

A protective coating is not necessarily limited to corrosion prevention. A protective coating can also be used to increase a material’s wear resistance and aesthetic appeal. A protective coating can provide water resistance or electrical properties that the material did not have prior to the protective coating being applied.

Protectapeel products have been manufactured to strict quality specifications by Spraylat International for over 70 years. Protectapeel products are used for a variety of different applications in many industries. With our superior quality strippable or peelable products, customer service, technical advice and expertise we will assist you to derive the maximum benefit for your requirements.

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